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ArcGIS Integration

Simple interaction between ArcGIS and Laserfiche  >
Esri ArcGIS CDI Integration
Esri ArcGIS CDI Integration

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Esri ArcGIS CDI Integration

CDI’s ArcGIS® Integration allows for simple interaction between the ArcGIS interface and Laserfiche®. The integration allows users to upload documents to Laserfiche directly from the ArcGIS interface and view any related documents. The dynamic ArcGIS map will auto-populate, indicating which features on the map have documents associated with them in Laserfiche.

Documents, folders, and their metadata from Laserfiche are displayed as ArcGIS feature services, allowing for full functionality provided with ArcGIS 10.8. Documents within folders are displayed as attachments within the feature layer and are viewable within Laserfiche Web Access or WebLink.


Documents or folders in Laserfiche are immediately available on the map. Geocoordinates are pulled in real-time from ArcGIS.

Attributes from ArcGIS can be retrieved and displayed on the map with the Laserfiche documentation.

Feature services allow for all functionality compatible with ArcGIS Server 10.8 or higher. ArcGIS administrators are able to work with the Laserfiche layers as if they were hosted in ArcGIS.

Documents or folders from Laserfiche can be made available read-only for public users or read/write for internal users.

Documentation can be retrieved from Laserfiche based on Template, Field, and/ or Folder Path within Laserfiche.

Laserfiche layers are created from existing ArcGIS layers, allowing metadata from Laserfiche to be mapped to fields within the ArcGIS layer. Multiple Laserfiche layers can be created to expose multiple sets of documentation.

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