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Managed Detection Response

What is Managed Detection & Response?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service that detects threats in your network and provides rapid responses to address them. In today’s changing security landscape, having access to security professionals is becoming a necessity. A single data breach can shut down a company for days or longer. That is why you need an MDR solution tailored to your business, continually updating your security strategies and ready for you should an event occur.

For more than 20 years, CDI has been providing solutions to capture, store, search and archive some of the most important data an organization owns. Documents, CRM, SQL, Email, and more are all targets from outside threats. Let CDI help you take the first step towards a customized security plan.

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Why is MDR Important?

A hacker can be inside an organization’s network undetected for months. Fast detection of these threats is crucial since it can save an organization millions of dollars. MDR allows the ability for organizations to respond to these threats swiftly and efficiently.

Security Features:

  • MDR watches & detects hackers in 2 hours or less​

  • Affordable outsourcing, with annual cost typically less than one FTE

  • Meets FFIEC cybersecurity requirements, including 12 NCUA/FDIC Addressable

  • Easy & fast deployment

  • Flexible technology for corporate network, hybrid, & cloud environments

  • Adaptable to adjust for changes in users, requirements, & locations over time


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