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If you work in the financial industry you are probably used to the mountain of filings, paperwork, and signatures that are required. The compliance headaches that are designed to enforce these requirements aren’t any fun either. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.


The Laserfiche solution for financial services includes features like full-text search, workflow of new account forms and auto-filing of client documentation. In addition, the Laserfiche system reduces compliance headaches. An audit trail, WORM media archive, and blotter generator make for a full suite of tools to ensure your SEC & FINRA compliance.

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Back office

The back office benefits from a document management system by digitizing and centralizing documents for processing. Forms entering the office via paper, fax or scan all enter the same processing engine to extract account numbers, SSN or any other data for further processing. Extracted data can be pushed to a back office system or CRM.


New account forms are checked for accuracy and signature then sent for compliance review and suitability. Inbound fund company statements make an orderly migration from a stack of paper to their digital client file automatically. Even statements downloaded from websites for DVD can be auto-filed.

Client Services

Customer service representatives using financial services document management software have immediate access to client data, electronic and imaged as well as the latest contracts and statements. In an industry focused on client service document management should be a priority. Faster access to information makes for master resolution of client concerns and creates improved customer service.


Client services teams are able to process new account requests, locate disparate client data and reduce errors by accessing information within the document management system. Data stored in Laserfiche is linked directly to the client profile stored in the CRM or ERP. This tight integration of data allows all privileged users access to information via applications they are already comfortable with.

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In an industry nested in compliance and paperwork, most compliance officers are in desperate need of business process management. In a Laserfiche financial services document management software solution users submit paperwork for review by compliance and it is logged and placed in a queue for approval. Compliance departments can use digital signature to review and sign new account paperwork, marketing or correspondence.


Email management and social media has generated a lot of solutions to meet compliance but the typical financial organization has too many solutions already. Typically email is stored in one place while documents are in another and social media in yet another system. Laserfiche offers all these content management and tracking systems in one solution.




Advisors and reps don’t have time to dig through files and dispersed paperwork. Their time is best spent in front of the client after all. Laserfiche financial services document management software solutions enable advisors to instantly locate documents tied to their client’s record in the CRM. It also allows advisors access to client records wherever they are, on vacation or at a client site. The full-text search available in the system also allows advisors the luxury of searching any client’s record for a key phrase anywhere in the file. This is particularly useful when it comes to searching tax records, trusts or legacy paperwork.


CDI has integrated with most of the leading CRM products including Salesforce, Tamarac, Junxure, Salentica, Orion, Redtail, SmartOffice, ACT and Advisor's Assistant. Additionally integrations like Orion, Advent APX, DocuSign, Laserapp. Signix and Portfolio Center round out the complete integration suite for advisors.

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