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  • Q: Who is my Account Manager? How do I reach my Consultant I’m working with?
    A: Please send an email to and we’ll be happy to promptly connect you with your Account Manager or Consultant. We are also happy to hear from you at +1-855-714-2800. If you have an urgent Laserfiche Support request, please visit our Laserfiche Support page for immediate access to our Laserfiche Support team.
  • Q: What new features have been added to the newest version?
    A: These details are sent out regularly in our client newsletter. You may also visit the Laserfiche Support site here.
  • Q: Does Laserfiche support SAML, ADFS or OKTA?
    A: Yes, Laserfiche Rio, Subscription, and Cloud support these authentication methods. You will need Directory Server installed. A link to further installation details can be found here.
  • Q: How many Laserfiche connections can a licensed user have at one time?
    A: A user license supports up to four connections per named user license and up to eight connections for a named device license.
  • Q: Can a Laserfiche named user account be shared?
    A: No, each user must have their own license and account.
  • Q: What scanners are compatible with Laserfiche?
    A: Laserfiche publishes a list of compatible scanners. In general, if your scanner has a TWAIN or an ISIS driver (such as Canon, Fujitsu, Epson, Panasonic or Kodak) it will be compatible with Laserfiche. The certified scanner list can be viewed here. The Fujitsu "ScanSnap" scanner does not come pre-packaged with a TWAIN or ISIS scanner. You may purchase an integration for this scanner from CDI. Here is a link to more information. Additionally, if you prefer to use your network copier, it is recommend pairing that with Laserfiche’s Import Agent module.
  • Q: What are the recommended server specifications for an on-premise Laserfiche Server?
    A: This will depend on a number of factors in your implementation and will change over time. Here are some factors for you to consider: How many users will use your system? Will you be running extensive Workflow or Quick Fields post-processing? Will you have external users or only internal users? How many documents or pages are you currently storing, and how many will you add annually? Are you planning for external documents or form portals? Are you planning high availability or replication? Our team will be happy to make a recommendation on server specifications, memory, CPUs, storage, and VM configuration. Please reach out to for a custom configuration recommendation.
  • Q: What are the most recent versions and releases of Laserfiche products?
    A: The latest release notes are published online here.
  • Q: Does Laserfiche archive emails too?
    A: Yes, Laserfiche archives email from Outlook via ribbon buttons or Exchange / 365 via use of either MagniMail or Import Agent.
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