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Laserfiche California

Helping California go paperless since 2001

California's Leading Laserfiche Provider

CDI LaserficECM Services & Solutions - Software, Support, Consulting, Training, Developmen, Digital Sinatures, Hosting, Backup, Scanning, and Hardware Image

Meet CDI Leading California Laserfiche Provider 

As a top international Laserfiche provider, proudly serving California clients for nearly 20 years, CDI offers an extensive set of resources for your paperless initiatives. CDI offers software, hardware, integration, cloud, and services to help clients achieve their most ambitious electronic content management (ECM) initiatives. With all that CDI provides, we understand the importance of backing up great solutions with great employees. CDI is proud to invest in and to provide highly knowledgeable staff to assist clients during every step of their project. From introductive software demonstrations to solution consulting, training, development, and ongoing client support, CDI is excited to be your chosen partner for success.  

Laserfiche Software Solutions for All

For more than thirty years customers have been trusting Laserfiche with the security and storage of their content. With clients in more than forty countries and more than 36,000 clients in total, Electronic Content Management and Laserfiche have become a formidable competitor in the marketplace. Laserfiche offers a complete suite of products including business process automation, workflow, records management (DOD 5015.2 Certification), document imaging, e-forms, and a robust API. 

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Support You Can Count On


CDI’s Laserfiche Support Team includes experienced, Gold and Platinum-certified Laserfiche technicians for your area. The Support Team offers the latest in industry-specific compliance knowledge, best practices, and architecture. The goal of every support request is helping to quickly and easily troubleshoot unexpected issues, provide prompt answers to software questions and treat every client with patience and understanding.   


Consulting Guided by Experts


The consulting services provided by CDI range from exploratory to post-implementation. You’ll experience leading direction, design and documentation of new or revised processes. Through improved capture, management & dissemination of your information, your organization will see faster ROI working with CDI.

  • Project Planning

  • System Design

  • Custom Training

  • Project Management

  • Procedural Design

  • Workflow & Form Design

Training Knowledge & Confidence


The efficiencies and benefits gained when going paperless are undeniable but onboarding and adoption with existing staff can sometimes have its challenges. Trust the professional training staff at CDI to carefully and mindfully help guide your staff through their paper-to-paperless transition

  • California Onsite & Online Training

  • California Workshops & User Groups

  • Free Monthly Training Webinars

  • Introductory & Advanced Courses

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Development Without Barriers


Every document management solution is unique and may require a little to a lot of customization. Integrating and unifying systems can create even greater efficiency and make your overall solution that much more powerful. At CDI, our team of in-house developers are available to make your document management system friendly to all users and powerful to all administrators. 

  • Integrations

  • Custom Development

  • Scripting

  • Conversion

Digital Signatures Made Easy


What good is having a paperless office if you are still gathering physical signatures? CDI provides organizations with the freedom to quickly and efficiently gather digital signatures. With a combination of Laserfiche software, CDI integrations, and DocuSign, our digital signature solutions can automate and streamline the signature procurement process with the use of email notifications, automated workflow activities, and automatic document archiving.  


Hosting in the Cloud


CDI’s California cloud hosting services allow organizations to lower operating costs, achieve infinite scalability, and improve integration compatibility by moving their server to the cloud. CDI will manage necessary updates as they become available and will ensure your server achieves maximum uptime. Best of all, your organization will have a single point of contact for both your hosting and general Laserfiche needs.  As with all services provided by CDI, the hosting service is competitive and secure. CDI has the experience and know-how to ensure your server is being managed optimally. 

Backup for the Unexpected

For California organizations looking to achieve true disaster recovery-ready status, CDI offers a quick and easy way to implement online backup services for all your day-to-day files. Nightly backups of network drives, databases, Exchange, SharePoint, Lotus, and Oracle are transmitted directly in an encrypted format with a daily post-backup statistic email update. 24-hour hotline and emergency remote Laserfiche available. 


Hardware to get the Job Done

CDI is proud to be a California Canon Premier Partner, offering high-speed document scanning solutions. Whether you are looking for a high-speed, personal-use scanner for your desk, or a high-capacity, high-speed departmental or workgroup document scanner for your office, let the scanning hardware pros at CDI help you select the high-speed scanner that’s perfect for you.   

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