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  • CDI | Online Backup Services

    Online Backup Backup services you can trust > Backup Today CDI Online Backup (CDOB) ​ Improve IT resiliency with CDI's cloud backup services. CDI offers encrypted online backup serv ices for Laserfiche needs and e verything else. Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and virtual server backups are all supported. Ideal for organizations that w ant to: Develop or enhance a disaster recovery plan Enhance AND simplify their IT footprint Archive to WORM/immutable format Create redundancy in backup plan Features Daily backup reporting 256-bit en cryption Incremental nightly backups of critical data Save to S3, Az ure or Wasabi Cloud Restore files for up to 30 days Managed Detection Response You can strengthen your cloud security with CDI’s cybersecurity monitoring solution (MDR) that detects threats and provides rapid response 24/7. Ideal for organizations that want to: ​ Monitor their IT environment for threats and security notices Prepare for and respond to inevitable cyber security attacks on their network Implement a tailored solution that dynamically evolves to combat cyber threats Learn More Ready to start? Request a Quote Today! Contact our team to take your organization to the cloud. Our skilled team is ready to help! Contact Us Or call 855-714-2800, ext. 2 Online Hosting

  • CDI | Laserfiche Experts, Sales & Support

    Explore Our Cloud Services Move Your Office to the Cloud Get Started Top Homepage Nav Never miss the latest CDI news or webinars. Join our Newsletter today. Subscribe PROVEEDOR LÍDER DE AUTOMATIZACIÓN Y EFICIENCIA DE OFICINAS LLEVAR INFORMACIÓN MÁS LEJOS Pericia conocimiento y recursos para el éxito > EXPERTISE LASERFICHE SOLUTIONS Learn More CLOUD SERVICES Learn More MDR SERVICES Learn More RECORDS MANAGEMENT Learn More Premios + Certificaciones avanzando con confianza > Industrias conocimiento y experiencia para sobresalir > FINANCIERO APRENDE MÁS GOBIERNO APRENDE MÁS INDUSTRIES Trabajando con los mejores conozca cómo las grandes empresas y municipios ya están utilizando CDI > Talleres y seminarios web Consulte nuestros próximos eventos en persona y en línea > Workshops & Webinars Harnessing ArcGIS and the power of Laserfiche with Permitting Applications Thursday, November 28 | 1 PM - 2 PM CDT Join CDI and learn how CDI’s ArcGIS integration helps customers make important decisions by integrating documents and geocoordinates. ​ In this webinar, you will learn: ​ How to pin applications, permits, and contracts to ArcGIS for easy access and radial searching. How to search and view ArcGIS from Web Access. Ver ahora Enviar ahora Formulario de contacto nuevo a cdi? estamos aquí para ayudar > ¿Tiene una solicitud de soporte? haga clic aquí

  • CDI | Resources - Brochures, Videos, White Papers, & Guides

    Resour ces Purchase contracts, downloadable brochures, & video library access > CDI Resources knowledge & resources for success > PURCHASING CONTRACTS LEARN MORE BROCHURES LEARN MORE YOUTUBE VIDEO LIBRARY LEARN MORE Request a Demo/Quote

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